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About Brothers’

Brothers' Coffee Roasters is a small batch coffee roaster,
supplying the GTA. We strive to supply you the best roasted coffee to start your day the right way.

Coffee Roasts

with only so many waves to ride in life, savouring the flavours of a well-roasted bean
is the right thing to do.

Dawn Patrol


caramel • dried fruit • cocoa nibs

Built upon two full bodied South American Coffees, this medium roast Colombian and Guatemalan blend is immensely versatile; delivering a smooth tasting coffee as both an espresso or a filter. Perfect before a morning surf.




black cherry • molasses • dark chocolate

Roasted medium-dark and designed for espresso, this coffee is a deeply complex 4 origin blend, delivering a variety of rich tasting notes straight to the cup. Distinct flavours of dark chocolate and molasses. Best served with steamed milk.


Easy Rider


decaffeinated using the swiss water process

We use beans decaffeinated by the Swiss Water method, that results in a coffee with lots of flavour without caffeine! A smooth coffee with balanced acidity and subtle sweetness. Perfect for a late night cup.

Single Origin Coffees



peach • black tea • floral

region: Kochere, Yirgacheffe  altitude: 1795-1900m  variety: Heirloom  process: Natural  brew method: Pourover  producer: Various Smallholder Farmers 

Named after the local tribe, this coffee epitomises the fruity and floral notes synonymous with Ethiopian beans. Intense floral notes are balanced with deliciously smooth citrus fruit, providing an evolving tasting experience which is both sugary and refreshing.



papaya • melon • cocoa

region: San Agustin, Hulia  altitude: 1700m  variety: Caturra & Colombia  process: Natural  brew method: Pourover  producer: Finca Bon 

The coffee is best enjoyed as a filtered brew, ideally with a paper filter. Tasting notes will include tangy tropical fruits and a sugary, chocolate mouth feel. Papaya and melon with a cocoa finish.

Keep The Good Times Brewing
Keep The Good Times Brewing

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brothers’ is available from local cafes across the gta to enjoy at home. wholesale is also available if you want to serve brothers’ in your cafe.
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