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Brothers' Coffee Roasters is a small batch coffee roaster,
supplying the GTA. We strive to supply you the best roasted coffee to start your day the right way.



Dawn Patrol


caramel • dried fruit • cocoa nibs

Built upon two full bodied coffees, this medium roast Colombian and Guatemalan blend is immensely versatile; delivering a smooth tasting coffee as both an espresso or a filter. Perfect before a morning surf.




black cherry • molasses • dark chocolate

Roasted medium-dark and designed for espresso, this coffee is a deeply complex 4 origin blend, delivering a variety of rich tasting notes straight to the cup. Distinct flavours of dark chocolate and molasses. Best served with steamed milk.


Easy Rider - Colombia


brown sugar • strawberries • lemon candy

In recent years there has been incredible progress made in the processing of decaffeinated coffee, which is helping to get rid of the stigma that has plagued decaf coffee for years. Modern, natural methods for decaffeination are allowing the sought after flavours to remain in the coffee without imparting any negative tastes from the processing. One of these natural methods uses ethyl acetate, which is a solvent derived from fermented sugar cane. The green coffee is soaked in water and this ethyl acetate solution to allow the caffeine molecules to bond to the ethyl acetate molecules. Once the soak is complete, the coffee is removed and steamed at low pressure to remove any remaining traces of ethyl acetate. The resulting beans are dried and polished for delivery and will contain a maximum of 0.01-0.03% caffeine while retaining the original coffee’s wonderful flavours.

Single Origin Coffees



lemon-lime • bergamot • lavender

region: Guji Uraga  altitude: 2250–2300 masl  variety: Heirloom  process: Washed  brew method: Pourover  producer: Various Smallholder Farmers 

As is very common in many parts of Ethiopia, the coffee grown in Uraga is processed through a washing station comprising many smallholder farms that are on average less than a half hectare in size. These farms are found at an extremely high altitude, over 2200 meters above sea level, so the resulting coffee is of a higher quality with more concentrated, complex flavours.

This coffee has the citric, lemon-lime flavours that are very common in the Guji region of Ethiopia. The aromatics are of lavender and the sweetness, body and slight bitterness can be found in the note of bergamot.



papaya • melon • cocoa

region: San Agustin, Hulia  altitude: 1700m  variety: Caturra  process: Washed  brew method: Pourover  producer: Finca Bon 

The coffee is best enjoyed as a filtered brew, ideally with a paper filter. Tasting notes will include tangy tropical fruits and a sugary, chocolate mouth feel. Papaya and melon with a cocoa finish.



milk chocolate • fig • pecan

region: jaén cajamarca  altitude: 1650–1800  variety: Caturra, Typica, Catimor, Mundo Novo, Pache  process: Washed  brew method: pourover  producer: 400 smallholder farms 

This particular coffee was discovered and exported by Rony Lavan of Lima Coffees. Their company specializes in sourcing the best and most progressive coffees in Peru and more specifically the region of Cajamarca. Rony has already been recognized at home with wins in national competitions, so we are really excited to be able to show off one of his choice selections.

The coffee is wonderfully complex with hints of baking spices coming out at first and then as the cup cools, fruitier notes of fig emerge. And as a pleasant smooth finish, milk chocolate provides a welcome balance.

Keep The Good Times Brewing
Keep The Good Times Brewing

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